Urdu afsana of Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi is considered next to Munshi Prem Chand in its portrayal of rural culture. He has depicted the local life of many characters in rural areas and has presented nostalgic emotions of many people. Sifarish presents many heart-punching messages through an innocent character named Feeka. Fair warning, if you're not careful, you'll find a reflection in Feeka that may begin to look familiar.
AKEB UAE Ethics and Spirituality in Early Years with Dr. Almina Pardhan, Assistant Professor at Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development.
Taking a deeper dive into the understanding of mental health, physical health, and spiritual health and how are they related by Kamaluddin Ali Mohammad.
Join ITREB India for Saaptahik Sandesh explores the root of the word Barakah and reminds us of the importance of gratitude in our everyday lives.
Join ITREB India this evening for an informative seminar on the meaning and significance of Mi'raj. The festival of Mi‘raj signifies the ascent to heaven by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family). However, esoteric interpretations of Islam tend to emphasise the spiritual significance of Mi‘raj. Today's seminar focuses on the esoteric significance, discussing Mi'raj as a symbol of the journey of the soul, and the human potential to rise above the trappings of material life – through prayer, piety, and discipline.
Delivered in a mix of Gujarati, Kutchi, and English by Alwaez Karim Dewji, this session discusses the various stages of grief, as well as the psychological and social aspects experienced by the bereaved. He also explores faith-based perspectives of life and death and suggests possible coping mechanisms in the current environment.
Alwaez Kamaluddin Ali Muhammad, counselor, and mentor take on the age-old question of why bad things happen to good people. He tries to help us see the good behind the pain and suffering and why God allows pain and suffering for His creation.
There were eight Pakistanis among the world’s top 100 nurses and midwives, five faculty members, and three alumni from Aga Khan University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan. Meet them all in today's program of the spotlight.
This is an introductory program of a series being initiated by ITREB for Pakistan. Every culture has its own stories that are shared as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, or instilling moral values. The program, Aik Haqiqat Aik Afsana, will transport its viewers to the world of a new story each week.

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