Dr. Aleem Bharwani has an interactive community book reading with Eboo Patel, founder and executive director of Interfaith Youth Core. Eboo is the author of Acts of Faith, a remarkable account of growing up Muslim in America and coming to believe in religious pluralism.
Ayesha Somji talks about how we can deal with stress and anxiety whilst in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.
A devotional and soulful Mehfil-e-Naat. A group of reciters creates an emotionally charged evening by eloquently expressing their sincere devotion to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him and his family).
Breathing for Health & Vitality. Your lungs are the key organs that are weakened by Coronavirus. Now is the time to explore their full capacity so that you can feel empowered to overcome any strain you might endure. Enjoy breathing techniques designed to achieve greater states of health and vitality.
This is an informative webinar for youth that talks about their product that is the HAGS yearbook and the goals and challenges they face in creating a new tomorrow.
Almost every year the Nyando River in western Kenya breaks its banks and nearby residents are forced to cope with massive flooding. Entire towns are submerged and precious crops are washed away. In April 2017, catastrophic floods swept through Kenya displacing hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom were forced into makeshift refugee camps. But is the annual deluge a natural disaster or a man-made catastrophe? A film by Samuel Waweru & Humphrey Odhiambo.
Dr. Firoz Verjee provides a photographic exploration of Antarctica and shares his knowledge and expertise to inspire the Jamat. This presentation is a collaboration between National ITREB and AKEB.
This week on Friday Night Reflections, join us for an important conversation about how we can better cope with the stresses and strains of life in difficult times, and support our loved ones to do the same. Join host Aliya Noorani in conversation with psychotherapist Alwaeza Dr. Saira Sabzaali as they explore how we can help ourselves and others bust the stigma around mental health and illness, and speak more openly and honestly about the feelings and emotions that we all face.
REC students from the USA narrate the story of the Conference of the Birds by Farid al-Din Attar.
On the occasion of Laylat al-Qadr, Al-Waeza Dr. Nargis Ali Virani takes us on an inspiring journey and narrative of the legacies of the women from the Prophet's family (Hazarat Bibi Fatima, Bibi Zainub, and Sayyida Nafisa).
Laylat al-Qadr: The Story of a Very Special Night in English. The first program is for ages 6-9 followed by a program for ages 9-12. By ITREB UK.
Laylat al-Qadr: The Story of a Very Special Night in German. The first program is for ages 6-9 followed by a program for ages 9-12. By ITREB UK.
The indigenous Sengwer people have been hunters and gatherers in Kenya’s Embobut Forest and Cherengani Hills since ancient times. But unlike most traditional communities in Kenya, they were never given title to their land. The Kenya Forest Service has in the past tried to evict them from what is now a Forest Reserve. Violence erupted again in January 2018, when Sengwer herders were shot and killed. This story looks at the Sengwer’s struggle for land rights, exposes illegal logging by officials, and examines the challenges of inclusion when conservation and development collide with indigenous opposition. A film by Joan Kabugu.
This week on Friday Night Reflections, we will cap off Earth Month with a special show reflecting on our responsibility toward nature. Host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani will be our guide as we explore the intersection between our community and the environment. Alwaeza Hamida Babool will explore the guidance embedded in our faith in our responsibility towards creation. We will meet members of the Jamat who are making an impact to improve our planet through their work. We will conclude by learning about what changes the Jamati Institutions are making to improve their environmental footprint.
Eastern Canada faces off against Western Canada in this Family Challenge to settle who is dominant in Ismaili Volunteer Corps trivia.
There are different learning styles and various types of learners, like an auditory learner, visual learner, kinesthetic learner, etc. As academicians, we dearly need to learn how to properly accommodate strategies in planning the lessons to entertain all these diverse kinds of gifted learners. This session intends to develop some essential skills in teachers regarding lesson planning to constructively and proactively engage different sorts of learners.
Join AKEB Tanzania as they showcase opportunities for higher education in Tanzania through a panel of guest speakers who have shared their experience about how their education in Tanzania has supported their career path.

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