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Water Cycle

Water Cycle

In this video, Alayna Aamir is explaining the four stages of the water cycle with the help of an experiment.

Pong Game In Scratch

Pong Game in Scratch

My name is Abyan Chagani and I have made a 2-player pong game in Scratch. In this game a player needs to score three points

Magic Milk Trick

Magic Milk Trick

Milk contains fats and proteins. When liquid soap is added to the milk and food colouring, the soap reacts and bonds with the fat in

Solar System Diorama By Alina (Age 5)

Solar System Diorama By Alina

This video showcases the process of making Our Solar system by Alina. She creatively paints the Styrofoam balls and labels the Planets. She makes the

Lego STEM By Neima Hasham

Lego STEM by Neima Hasham

Series of Lego activities by a preschooler. Lego Maze allows the child to construct their own maze and build logical reasoning; Color Sorting, improving hand-eye

24-Hour Parking Lot

24-Hour Parking Lot

Two-story 24-hour parking lot made of recycled items. Exciting place to park all your vehicles with an easy-to-access ramp..