United Kingdom: Institutional Programme, Thinking Ahead - One Jamat June 2020, Aga Khan Health Board: Laughter Yoga April 2020.
United Kingdom: Institutional Programme, FOCUS Our stories, your impact Episode 2: Through the Keyhole - a look back at all of the Institutional activities from the past month.
United Kingdom Institutional Programme Through the Keyhole - a look back at all of the Institutional activities from the past month.
Celebrating Cultural Diversity and Looking Ahead to a Better Future by ITREB UK, Dr. Shiraz Kabani, 21 March 2021 and Dum Huma Dum Ali Ali: A Devotional Journey (extended version), 19 March 2021.
Time to Think: Reflections on 2020 and a Look Ahead with Dr. Shiraz Kabani, January 2021. Singalong Saturday: Ismaili Community Ensemble - Spring – AKYSB, 15 April 2020. Singalong Saturday: Ruhi - Shukran – AKYSB, 1 May 2020. Singalong Saturday: Ismaili Community Ensemble - Yaqeen – AKYSB, 22 May 2020.
The Sportshow: Racing Queen, November 2020. Jubilee Concert series at the Royal Albert Hall, London, by the Aga Khan Master Musicians, June 2018.
United Kingdom Institutional Programme, Through the Keyhole, a look back at all of the board activities from the past few months.
United Kingdom Institutional Programme Thinking Ahead: Physical and Mental Health - Aga Khan Health Board July 2020.
United Kingdom Institutional Programme. AKYSB: Thinking Ahead: Ageing Gracefully December 2020. Ageing Gracefully: Your Thoughts - Interviews with members of our Jamat European Sports Festival 2019.
United Kingdom Institutional ProgrammeM ITREB talk - Reflections on Remembrance and Forgetting in the Islamic Traditions' with Professor Ali Asani.
This is the final in the series of the UK Thinking Ahead talks, which is on Ageing Gracefully. Listen to Professor Lynda Gratton and Faiz Mitha’s very interesting discussion on how, when, and why to start preparing in today's climate, as we are living and working for longer. Lynda is a Professor of Management Practice at London Business School where she directs ‘Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Companies’, considered the world’s leading program on human resources. Faiz Mitha is a Busines Manager for Deutsche bank and an Australian ex-pat, who migrated to the UK in 2009. He is also the Board member for AKYSB.
United Kingdom Institutional Programme Messages from the Chairperson of NCAB, Dr. Yasmin Dhanji, and from the Chairperson of AKSWB, Yasmin Ransome, ITREB talk - 'The Persistence of Faith' by Alwaez, Dr. Aman Haji and Diamond Jubilee Music Series: The Ayoub Sisters, November 2017.
United Kingdom Institutional Programme, Message from the Chairperson of AKEB - Dr. Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj and AKYSB - Al-Karim Nathoo, ITREB talk - “Looking through today’s problems to tomorrow’s opportunities” by Alwaez Dr. Karim Gulamali and Mawlana Hazir Imam's Golden Jubilee visit Madagascar, 2007.
United Kingdom Institutional Program Message from the Chairperson of AKEPB - Salim Janmohamed, ITREB talk - Our Values in Everyday Life ('Unsere Werte und der Alltag') by Alwaeza Dr. Shogufa Mir Malekyar (in German with English subtitles) and Ismaili Centre, London, 25th Anniversary.
United Kingdom: Institutional Programme – Message from ITREB Chairman - Rai Dr. Farhad Mawani, Alwaez Rai Kamaluddin Ali Muhammad: The Importance of Religious Education and London Diamond Jubliee video 2018.

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