Irfan Hemani (Deputy Director of Cyber Security at the UK Department for Digital) discusses his career journey and shares advice for students interested in the fields of cyber security and technology policy.
Shemin Nurmohamed (Senior Vice President of Product Management at Pitney Bowes) discusses her career journey and shares advice for students interested in the field of product management.
On our fourth episode of Trailblazers, we are joined by Rahim Daya, the head of Barclays Private Bank, Middle East. Based in Dubai, Rahim is responsible for the management and strategy of Barclays, Middle East. Rahim is also a drummer for the band, Khayal, having performed all across the globe, including Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Lisbon, in 2018. “I will do my absolute best, I will work hard, and I will create opportunities and maximize them as they arose,” says Rahim, speaking about his plan when starting his career. Actioning on this course of action, Rahim worked tirelessly, and assiduously, creating space to lead him to his current position. In sharing his strategy for dealing with pressure, Rahim spends his time focusing on what he can control and does not worry about the things he knows he has no influence over. “Focus on what you control, do everything you possibly can to get to the desired outcome.
This webinar will cover how digital marketing can enhance your business i. e through social media platforms and also for the individuals who are planning to start or grow their business through social media platforms.
Karim Gillani (General Partner at Luge Capital) shares his career journey and discusses the future of the field of venture capital.
In a value-based conversation with moderator Haseena Jamal, Zainub Verjee will speak about her journey in the arts, highlighting the broad scope of her work. She will touch on a wide range of themes, including the role of art in cultural diplomacy, how art fosters civil society, collaborations in art-science-technology, and the value of art and culture during the pandemic. Zainub is a trailblazer for her generation, and this insightful webinar will explore her four decades of engagement with the arts, both in Canada and internationally.
Natasha Walji (Director at Google) discusses how students interested in the intersection between business and technology can plan for their careers.
Aga Khan Economic Planning Board UAE: Ismaili Business Networking Group Webinar - COVID-19 E-Commerce Potential and New Emerging Trends with Afroze Ali and Naheed Harji - Part 2.
Get a deeper understanding of the "Challenge Mindset" and how it can guide your career path. This program also introduces an alternative career exploration process that goes beyond job titles and the traditional question: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’.
In this episode, Amyn Merchant (Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG) discusses the future of careers in management consulting and shares advice for students interested in the field.
Interested in a career in The Arts? In this episode, Zeenat Lakhani shares her journey as a Bollywood screenwriter and discusses the skills necessary to succeed in this field.
This episode looks back at recent Careers of the Future interviews to summarize key insights for how students can prepare for the Future of Work.
Aga Khan Education Board for the United Arab Emirates SkillUp presents Mastering Microsoft Excel where you will learn tips, shortcuts, functions, and formulas you need to be an Excel power user. This course is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced users - Part 1.
Interested in a career in architecture or design? In this episode, Moyez Alwani (Global Head of Design at The Aga Khan Academies) shares his journey and discusses the skills necessary to succeed in these fields.
Interested in a career in finance or economics? In this episode, Dr. Sajjid Chinoy (Chief India Economist at JP Morgan) discusses the different career opportunities available in these fields and what skills students will need to succeed.
Interested in a career in education? In this episode, Rahim Hirji (UK Country Manager at Quizlet) discusses how technology will change the field of education and what skills will be necessary to succeed in the field.
Interested in a career in Fintech? In this episode, Aiaze Mitha (Fintech entrepreneur and investor) discusses the rapidly evolving field of Fintech and the various career opportunities available for students.
With the rapid growth of technologies and global communication, the value of a well-written, impactful LinkedIn profile cannot be underestimated. Do you have everything you need to succeed?

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