Farrokh Derakhshani, Director of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, discusses the origin and evolution of the Award, and Mawlana Hazar Imam's ongoing work to encourage excellence in architecture as a means of improving quality of life.
On this Friday Night Reflections episode, we take a deeper look at how architecture serves as an anchor of our identity, extending beyond the structural, functional, and aesthetic, reflecting our traditions, our values, and our aspirations. Host Malika Karim-Rajan sits down with Farrokh Derakhshani, Director of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for a wide-ranging conversation, exploring the origin and evolution of the Award, and Mawlana Hazar Imam's ongoing work to encourage excellence in architecture as a bedrock for sustainable development. We then travel across the globe to the Ismaili Centre Dushanbe, where architect Farouk Noormohamed shares an exclusive virtual tour of this Pamiri-inspired, architectural jewel.
This evening, we take a deeper look at the response of Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken a significant economic and social toll on communities across the globe. President Ameerally Kassim-Lakha will share the second installment of 'From the Heart', exploring the soft skills needed to succeed in today's world. Host Safiqa Kara then sits down with Dr. Gijs Walraven, AKDN Director of Health, to discuss the unique challenges faced in supporting the global Jamat and the populations served by AKHS. We will also hear from some of our Canadian healthcare professionals who have served globally, giving of their time and knowledge.
A look into the highlights of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture's Fourteenth Cycle, held in Kazan, Russia, 2019.
We journey into the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver, where we explore the space through the lens of the architect Bruno Freschi. Through a virtual tour, and in conversation with CBC's Zahra Premji, Mr. Freschi shares his personal insights on how he brought to life Mawlana Hazar Imam's vision for the Centre, and what truly inspired him when he was designing this magnificent space. From the smallest details to the grandest idea, take a glimpse into the creative process that led to the design of the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver.
We look back at the award-winning projects of the 2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture cycle - with highlights from the Award ceremony at Humayun's Tomb, New Delhi, India - 27 November 2004.
Highlights of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 11th Cycle Award Ceremony at Museum of Islamic Art Doha, Qatar 24 November 2020.
Focus on the importance of Islamic architecture and how it has evolved over the years. Additionally, discuss how Islamic architecture interacts with culture and society and stress the role of human agency in shaping that interplay on 12 November 2020.
Learning about the Coast of East Africa. Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the Swahili Coast of East Africa and its impact on Quality of Life with Alwa'z Altaf Mukhi - 23 August 2020.
Gary Kamemoto takes us through the 16-year journey of Maki & Associates as they design and construct three iconic buildings: the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa, the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, and the Aga Khan Centre in London.
Celebrate Eid al-Adha with an enchanting musical performance held at the Ismaili Centre Toronto in 2015. Dr. Karim Gillani and the Sufi Music Ensemble perform original compositions based on classical poems of the Mughal era with a theme of Rah-e-Ishq – The Path of Love. Using rich metaphors, symbols, and stories of the past, musical compositions, and interpretations of modern art, the ensemble echoed the sentiments of tolerance and acceptance of the Mughal civilisation. The musicians used a variety of traditional instruments such as the santur, tombak, sarangi, flutes, Indian tablas, harmonium, and keyboard.
This month marks 35 years of the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver. Join us in celebrating this milestone through a series of online events. Our second session features a special conversation with past and present institutional leaders. Moderated by CTV’s Nafeesa Karim, this promises to be an engaging discussion filled with insights into the history of the Ismaili Centre, alongside footage from the Centre’s archives. Past Council for Canada President Farouk Verjee and past Council for British Columbia President Bahadur Karim will share their experiences and fondest memories of the Centre’s opening ceremony. Discover the vision, conversations, and experiences that helped establish the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver as a keystone of our community in Canada. The session will close with Council for British Columbia President Samir Manji offering his reflections on the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver.
Learn about the diverse places of worship that are part of the religious lives of over 1.6 billion Muslims. Rizwan Mawani, author of “Beyond the Mosque: Diverse Spaces of Muslim Worship” discusses his latest publication in the Institute of Ismaili Studies' World of Islam series.
Designing a Better World is a new Ismaili Centre docu-series, focusing on designers who are improving society through their creativity and passion. In the first episode, world-renowned Islamic geometry artist, sculptor, and calligrapher Adam Williamson shares his journey and explains how the act of producing art is, for him, a deeply meditative and spiritual process. From architecture to policy-making, entertainment to organizational design, Designing a Better World brings together leading thinkers who are building a more inclusive, resilient, and peaceful world through better design.
The Ismaili Centres are proud to present Visionary Voices: Conversations on the 35th Anniversary of the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver. Please join us for a special event featuring a discussion with former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney. Mr. Mulroney reflects back on the vision for the Centre, its significance as a symbol of the Ismaili community's contributions to Canada, and its untapped potential to fulfill even more of these hopes and aspirations in the years ahead.
On 13 September 2019, he six winning projects of the 2019 Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) were acclaimed at a ceremony held at Kazan’s Musa Jalil State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Learn more about the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) on the AKDN website »

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